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Orpheus and Eurydice

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Orpheus and Eurydice
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The ancient Greek myths, old in one hand but contemporary on the other, overused throughout the years but still original, timeless and deep-rooted in history’s ground, are a source of inspiration for so many artists. The world-renowned composer/guitarist Spiros Exaras, one of the most prominent representatives of ethnic-jazz residing in New York, is coursing into the original shapes of Homer and Hesiod to create his new work “Orpheus and Eurydice”. Reproducing the universal character of these ancient stories through his music, the myths travel to every direction with a single luggage: the flexibility and unexpectedness of his musical language that has its own breath. Α passionate lover of Greek mythology and history, Spiros chose the difficult time of indefensible Greece, where the uncertain future gets plundered to create a work, different than Pheidias’s chiseled stone, or Aeschylus’s theater art, and to participate in the endeavor of his country to stand out internationally, with his own tools, musical instruments and notes. Along with his excellent team of musicians, he travels down to Hades to meet Eurydice, and helps her return back to Orpheus. He travels to Crete along with Theseus and got lost into the narrow paths of the Labyrinth. He transforms with Zeus into golden rain to and kisses Danae through her prison’s bars. Spiros Exaras fuses jazz with musical elements of Greece and of other cultures. In this project, he utilizes a variety of exotic instruments along with Western ones. One will hear a Greek clarinet “flying” amongst rock guitars on “Daedalus and Icarus”, or a canun teasing the piano on “Orpheus and Eurydice”; a zurna screaming on “Calypso’s Island” and a lyre blending with an African voice on “Pygmalion”. Acclaimed critique Joshua Kline once wrote, “Spiros Exaras succeeds in achieving that special blend of modern to traditional, playful to somber, and Eastern to Western that so many Jazz musicians in the past have failed at”. Spiros Exaras and his World-Jazz Ensemble comprise of 7 pre-eminent instrumentalists. Henry Hey on piano/keyboards, Matt Garrison on bass, Gene Lake on drums, Lefteris Bournias on Greek clarinet/zurna, Arto Tuncboyaciyan on percussion/vocals, Phaedon Sinis on canun/lyre and the composer himself on electric and classical guitar, and bouzouki. This is the ideal time for the genesis of this project. Living in a materialistic world, where once esteemed values are fading, and where leaders are looking past domestic and global struggles, the Greek myths, drenched in a musical explosion, have the power to remind us of our origins and can inspire us to seek the purpose for our existence. We kindly ask you to support this bold endeavor. We are aiming to record these compositions and release a compact disk (CD) along with a booklet that will explain every composition and the myth that inspired it. The album will be recorded, mixed and mastered in world-class studios in New York City with awarded sound engineers. Any financial support to our project will be fully recognized and additionally every offer to the project through NYFA is deducted from relevant taxes. For information about the artist please visit at www.spirosexaras.com


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