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Music at Close Range is a concert series for intimate audiences which pairs old and new classical works for solo piano.

Music at Close Range is modeled after Franz Schubert’s salon concerts in the 1820s, where a variety of works were performed: some music with singers, some just with piano, and some of it original music, some by friends, and some by old masters. I bring similar juxtapositions to my programs, which always mix extremes of old and new. The series is comprised of approximately ten concerts in intimate venues such as medium-sized clubs, bars, and dinner venues, seating no more than a hundred people. The “close range” of the series’ title refers not just to the proximity between performer and audience, but also to the kind of dialogue which often follows these concerts, where a listener can “take aim” at something which sparks creative criticism. That dialogue could not be possible in a 1,500-seat hall. An outgrowth of the series has been my first full-length solo CD, "Solitary." A second CD is planned.