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The Wave Maker is a documentary about a lovable medical maverick who sees the world as made up of waves.


Dr. Irving Dardik is a master of many things; he’s a medical maverick, a scientific theorist, and a gold medalist. His lifetime focus, the SuperWave Principle, is found controversial in mainstream science and medicine. An alternative thinker, the world he has created around him reflects his alternative lifestyle. Currently Dardik’s Principle is being applied to health, athletic training, and Cold Fusion. There are many people who feel he is aiding their diseases, from Parkinson’s to Cancer. While Dardik has faced much rejection, he is currently gaining some recognition for his ideas. Respected healer Dr. Susie Anthony echoes Dardik’s theory of waves. She invites Dardik to be a part of her Hero Series which is recognizing current world heroes including: George Lucas, Kevin Costner, Erin Brockovich, and Peter Gabriel. While the two speak by phone and connect across an ocean they will finally meet face to face onscreen in Dr. Anthony’s homeland for the first time. Can Dardik’s theory help save our planet’s energy crisis and our diseased?

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