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Jamie Laval's Celtic Christmas

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Jamie Laval's Celtic Christmas
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Jamie Laval’s Celtic Christmas is a family-friendly stage production of music, dance, stories, and poetry that hearkens back to ancient Celtic celebrations associated with the Winter Solstice and Christmas. The production features six professional performers onstage and three technical crew offstage. Our mission is to continue to create uplifting, artistic, and thought-provoking holiday entertainment experiences and expand the audience reach.


Launched in the year 2012 with a single performance to an audience of 200, Jamie Laval’s Celtic Christmas has grown into an annual tour of four cities throughout North Carolina with an audience reach averaging 950. The 2019 tour will take place December 27-30 in Asheville, Charlotte, Tryon, and Raleigh with a goal of 1,243 attendees.

The production provides meaningful entertainment value and economic stimulus to the communities where it plays while also filling a unique artistic niche not met by other holiday-themed shows. Our presentation blends a reverence for cultural heritage with contemporary musical virtuosity to create an impactful performance experience which lingers well beyond the confines of the concert hall. 

Our attendees span a wide range of ages, musical tastes, ethnicities, and economic strata. Some are drawn to the ethnic cultural aspect of the show. Others are inspired by the virtuosic prowess of the performers. Still others find the atmospheric, mythical tales captivating. The show’s homage to days of old when life was simpler and people lived closer to the earth is a universally appreciated theme. 

In response to the burgeoning popularity of the production, we feel the time is right to seek outside resources to help deepen our artistic scope and widen our geographic reach. 

Our business model for 2019 and 2020 is to increase our audience reach by at least 25% over each preceding year. This will be made possible through obtaining additional operating capital which will allow us to increase our advertising budget, move the production into more professional venues with larger seating capacities, and hire specialists to assist with internal operations. We believe this trajectory will eventually help the production become self-sustaining, perhaps as early as 2021. 

While ticket sales make up the largest portion of our operating budget and have shown steady growth since inception, ticket revenues alone are not enough to propel the project into eventual sustainability as described above. Outside revenue in the form of grants and other underwriting will provide the needed boost.

Concurrent with the stated financial goals is our aim to enrich the artistic content. This will be accomplished by hiring only the highest level performers, increasing rehearsal time, contracting higher level technical support (ie: PA sound, AV effects, lighting), and intensifying our research and development of new content. 

None of the material is copyrighted except for the original compositions and arrangements created by the artistic director Jamie Laval. Source material for these pieces dates primarily from medieval times.

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