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States of Union is comprised of a series of color portrait photographs of same-sex families that are loosely based on classical images.


States of Union and is comprised of a series of color portrait photographs of same-sex families. 

“Family” in States of Union, may be as few as two individuals who are in a committed relationship and live as a social unit. I need your support to finish this project.I am raising money to fund the travel expenses entailed in photographing underrepresented same-sex families from states that are not traditionally perceived as gay-friendly such as:

Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Wisconsin, California, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa and Idaho to name a few...

It is imperative that these families are portrayed in the project, in order to show the diversity represented in our community. Your donation will help give these families a voice.

In a country that does not yet fully recognize same-sex families legally or culturally, the visual record provided by STATES OF UNION serves as public documentation that these unions exist.

The LGBT community has been fighting a battle of images – whether we are willing to recognize it or not.

STATES OF UNION shows the faces of the Americans who are denied equal rights.

The recently publicized rash of gay teen suicides has expanded my purpose. By offering positive images of gay families in lasting relationships - I am offering gay kids a depiction of a future beyond what many may have imagined. The opportunity to see oneself – to have a visual representation of the possibility of what one might become - is a privilege long denied to the gay community.

This is a lack that my project seeks to remedy.

The photographs, with commentary, will become a published work. Ideally, the published work will have two formats: a small sized paperback available at community centers, pride events and on college campuses across the country, and as a large coffee table book.  A traveling exhibition of the photographs will continue to tour galleries and museums as well as public spaces in small towns and big cities around the United States.

Through the two publications and the diverse venues for exhibits, States of Union will reach a wider audience than many traditional art exhibitions. The ultimate objective of the project is to produce a work of art that has a social impact, affecting both the subjects of the work and the audiences who see the work.

Your tax-deductible donation is crucial to my ability to portray the diversity of our community.  Every little bit counts! Thank you in advance for your support,

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