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AFGHANCULTUREMUSEUM FOUNDATION Creation of the world's first e-museum, dedicated to all the cultures that have flourished in Afghanistan from earliest times to the present day.


 • is a comprehensive encyclopedic archive and database devoted to various cultural and civilizational influences covering over 5.000 years of History, designed as the first-ever 3D virtual museum on Internet. 

• Gathering in one place as many documents and collections that can be found scattered around the world.  

• Providing relevant art history, ethnographic, geographic and general historic background from past to present.  

• In negociation with:  
France : The Louvre, Musée du Quai Branly, Musée des Arts Asiatiques - Guimet, Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BnF) Museum of Natural History.  

USA : The Freer & Sackler Galleries at The Smithsonian , The Metropolitan Museum of Arts (The Met) N.Y.C  

UK : The British Library, The British Museum, India Office Library.  

Others, including Topkapi (Istanbul), Library of Cairo, Hermitage (St Petersburg) also referenced.

Béatrice ANDRE-SALVINI, Chief Curator of Oriental Antiquities, Le Louvre, Michael BARRY Lecturer Medieval and Modern Islamic Cultures, Princeton University, Roland BESENVAL, Archaeologist CNRS, Pierre CAMBON, Chief Curator, Musée Guimet,
Bernard DUPAIGNE, Ethnologist, Museum Histoire Naturelle,   Zemarialay TARZI, Former Director of Afghan Institute of Archaeology. More to come. 

• Aiming to help Afghanistan reclaim its own History and the dignity of its rich cultural tapestry of civilizations  

• Offering ownership to the Afghan people and new generations, to help them discover their multicultural identity, pride of heritage as part of the reconstruction process. 

• A window on Afghanistan and its cultural heritage and history in one virtual location. 

• Available from everywhere at all times, year-round, in four languages Dari, Pashto, French and English.  


In-country benefits                                                                      
• Access to documents, visual art, data located outside Afghanistan
• Educate Afghans about the rich multitude of influences on their country  

• Promote the sense of diversity and common heritage  

• Develop applications for media and publication allowing Afghan Ministries of Culture and Education to conceive their own educational manuals.  

• Install computers with DVD access in public venues, and educational facilities  in various provinces while internet is not widely accessible in Afghanistan.  

• Organize multimedia workshop and seminars for Art students and other interested parties.  

• Digitalize objects or documents, located in Afghanistan, upon request of the Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture 
International exposure  

• Promote a positive and modern image of Afghanistan with use and the assistance of model developed by Yona Friedman, world-renowned architect/ artist, using 3D technologies for a new approach to Art and Museum display.  

• Boost knowledge about Afghanistan and help the revival process.    

5 - DONATIONS   Individual donations can be made with tax deductible certificates,through : NYFA   

Mrs Pascale BASTIDE, Founder & Director -
Mr Vincent MACHERAS, Executive Producer -
Email :
Afghanculturemuseum Foundation, 65 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11217 - USA - 1 917 767 25 21

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