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Progeny is a collaborative project created by composer/sound artist Luke Aaron Clark and visual artist Bryce Hammond.


This collaborative project aims to document and explore the functionality of a bee colony, investigate assimilation of bees to changing ecosystems as a metaphor for human society, citing the symbiotic relationship between humans and bees. The project includes a research trip, film documentary, construction of a large interactive installation directed by sound and space, education programs and 6 exhibitions touring the US and Europe.
The architectural installation is made up of 10 hanging frames 16 times the dimension of a Langstroth Hive. Each frame is  L 776cm W60cm H224cm in dimension.Within each of the hanging frames, speakers and microphones will be embedded.  What is whispered in one corridor will be recorded live and signaled to speakers within another corridor.  Utilizing natural sound sources the installation will seek to make those walking through the maze like chambers acutely aware that their own presence can be felt elsewhere; each person forming part of a complex sonic landscape. 
Exhibitions - a touring exhibition will travel to three venue in the US and three venues in Europe.  The debut exhibition at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida has already been secured.  The second venue secured is B-Complex in Atlanta.  The exhibition will then travel to New York, London, Paris and Berlin.
Documentary - a 15-20 minute documentary will be produced and then exhibited during the touring exhibition.  The documentary will include insight into the artists' research, theory and project construction. The documentary will also include a trip to California to meet with beekeepers as they ready their hives for pollination; interviews with beekeepers and bee experts and information on bee awareness. 

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