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Slow Research Lab

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Slow Research Lab
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Slow Research Lab is a multidisciplinary research and curatorial platform that operates at the intersection of phenomenology and ecology, mathematics and somatics, language and landscape.


Through a mix of theoretical reflection and creative experimentation, we investigate an expanded terrain of individual and collective potential that brings balance to the pace at which we encounter the world, and integrity to how we position ourselves within it. 

In that sense, the word 'Slow' is intended not only to inspire a different velocity of engagement, but also to evoke a quality of being, characterized by critical thinking, deep spaces of reflection, and the unique forms of creative expression that are born of them. We use the term both as an adjective and as an active verb that describes the pursuit of more holistic ways of knowing oneself, encountering others, sharing knowledge, and evolving together toward harmonious and resilient forms of living. 

The thinkers and practitioners who contribute to our research are designers, architects, artists, ecologists, technologists, and activists whose experimental, often speculative forms of practice challenge the conceptual, methodological, and experiential boundaries of their varied disciplines. We invite them to engage with us in dynamic processes of dialogue, the artifacts of which range from ephemeral, (im)material experiments to large-scale urban interventions. Those tangible traces of Slow creative process are an important means through which the fuller realm of engagement we envision can be accessed, and they are catalysts to further investigation.
Our research residencies, workshops, exhibitions, reading groups, immersive study experiences, and in-situ dialogues are vital spaces of investigation, experimentation and deepening experience. They offer people from a range of disciplines opportunities to meet, discuss, reflect, and recalibrate; to explore alternative forms, rhythms and strategies of engagement; and to cultivate an enhanced palette of tools and understandings with which to more fully embrace – and know themselves part of – a complex, interdependent world.
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