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Sprechgesang Institute Lecture Project

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Sprechgesang Institute Lecture Project
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The Sprechgesang Institute Lecture Project is series of collaborative lectures presented by Sprechgesang Institute: a group of artists and researchers including visual artists, scientists, journalists, composers, cooks, and activists, working in the overlap between two or more disciplines. Through the Lecture Project, we aim to challenge the expected formats in which we typically present our individual practices within our respective fields, by expanding the definition of ‘the arts” and drawing unexpected parallels between disparate practices.



Sprechgesang Institute was founded in 2016 in Berlin and is now based in Brooklyn, currently consisting of 12 Artists. Our first Lecture in this series explored the theme "Extended Techniques".  It took place on March 1st 2018 at Target Margin Theater.

*Sprechgesang is a vocal technique half-way between singing and speaking.  We use this term, more generally, to describe the   in-between language created at the intersection of two or more modes of expresssion.

Artists of the Institute:
Thalia Beaty / Katie Bell / Patricia Cooney / Sara Clugage / Christopher Lin / Daniel Mantilla / Clare Monfredo / François Sarhan / N. Andrew Walsh / Alisha Wessler / Ashley E. Williams / Sarah K. Williams


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