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Silent Cries of a Fatherless Son

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Silent Cries of a Fatherless Son
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A successful, but emotionally damaged real estate broker struggles to love again while being haunted by abandonment issues stemming from his father's abrupt departure when he was seven year old.


Heart of David Pictures: Support Art as Therapy
Please read below to learn about our company's mission as well as our current 3-part film project, The Silent Cries Project.  You can FOLLOW us on social media for updates on Part One; short film, Silent Cries: The PreludeJoin our mission by making a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION today! 

Our Production Company: Heart of David Pictures

Heart of David Pictures (HODP) is a film production company that produces "cinematherapy"; narrative dramas that combine spiritual counseling with fine art.  The intent is to take audiences on an emotional journey of self-discovery, using film as the catalyst for healing and growth.  HODP was started with a clear goal in mind; to "transcend the lines of a niche market and bring the human experience from a spiritual perspective to the mainstream audience".

Our Current Feature Film Project: Silent Cries of a Fatherless Son
Silent Cries of a Fatherless Son is slated to be the first feature film from Heart of David Pictures and writer/ director/ cinema-therapist Shauntay Cherry.  It will be the last installment of the 3-part film project. The first installment is short film, Silent Cries: The Prelude, currently circulating in the festival market.  It's a ‘proof of concept’ piece that serves as backstory to the feature film.  You can view the trailer at https://youtu.be/J5ia4MDCgNw and follow the progress of the short film on Facebook and Instagram via @silentcriesproject

Silent Cries of a Father Son, the feature film, will highlight the traumatic effects of paternal absenteeism on the adult male and explore how trauma functions to permeate and infect interpersonal relationships between men and their significant others, as well as their children.  The intent is NOT to perpetuate the myth of the absent black father, but rather give voice to men who are suffering in silence.  The intent is to promote healing for the individual, the family structure and ultimately our communities.   

Our Current Team:

Shauntay Cherry


Okema T. Moore

Director of Photography

Joseph Bearese


Tony Clomax

$5-99: a personalized "thank you" on our Facebook page + receive all news and updates + enter drawing to have a character named after you

$100-249: all of the above + exclusive behind the scenes footage from set

$250-499: all of the above + signed movie poster + enter drawing for role as an extra in film

$500-999: all of the above + invitation to advance private screening of film + photos with cast and crew at event + personal video message from director or producer and lead actor

$1,000-4,999: all of the above + set visit (includes meals with cast & crew)

$5,000-9,999: all of the above + associate producer credit + screen rough cut of film

$10,000 and up: all of the above + producer credit

Travel/Transportation not included.  Must be accompanied by a parent/guardian if under 18.

All perks are redeemable during or post production.


Email: heartofdavidpictures@gmail.com

FB: @hodpictures @silentcriesproject

IG: @silentcriesproject


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