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"Check Your Body at the Door": a one-hour documentary about the 1990s remarkable free-style house dances and dancers and their lives outside the clubs. Executive Producer: Sally R. Sommer, Ph.D.


Current donations provide payment to our translators (the film is now subtitled in 9 languages) and to fees related to the production of the DVD. 

Your previous support helped fly the dancers to Los Angeles for a screening at Dance Camera West!  Thank you!

Check Your Body at the Door
, produced by social dance historian Sally R. Sommer, focuses on some remarkable underground club dancers and dances, filmed during the golden decade of the 1990s in New York City. Following a core group of free-style House dancers in the clubs, at their jobs and into their everyday lives discloses the deeper social and personal meaning that House dancing plays. In discussing ideas and topics important them, the dancers – including the late Vogueing legend Willi Ninja -- shape the script and narrative. Filmed in the streets, clubs, and in the studio against a white background in silhouette or in light pools, the dramatic movements and lines of their moving bodies are captured. The dancing is improvised, the choreography, theirs. Check Your Body at the Door is an essential historical document, revealing the underground roots of House dance in America.

For more information, or to purchase a DVD, please visit www.checkyourbodyatthedoor.com.

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