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CHIN CHIH YANG/ THE CONTROL OF FEAR "The Control of Fear”: an interactive installation that creates a compassionate awareness of the effects of natural and man-made disasters.

CHIN CHIH YANG/ THE CONTROL OF FEAR The Control of Fear, a spherical chamber in which participants are subjected to interactive, multi-sensory stimuli. Resembling a virtual reality bomb shelter, inside the Control of Fear space visitors cross a glass bridge, are met by video-game style avatars and witness disastrous simulations. Here, reality easily blurs with an intense and thought provoking imaginarium. The installation employs advanced interactive sensors, motion detectors, projections, warming elements, water, vibrations, and other challenging stimuli, replicating hazardous environments throughout the chamber. The sequestered individuals trigger video footage of events, such as earthquakes, the devastating tsunami of 2005, and the events of 9/11. The Control of Fear incorporates video, light, sound and tactile sensations using multimodal sensors connected to a computer that asks sequestered individuals’ questions. The responses do not determine in any way what occurs next, thus rendering the participants powerless in controlling their visual and physical perception. Wars and natural disasters affect millions of people, but the psychological stress and extreme physical hardship of these ordeals is difficult to convey to outsiders. The intention of this art experiment is to provide that experience, to literally throw the participant off balance in order to catalyze recognition of the crisis facing our world.