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The Lives of Hamilton Fish

Rachel Mason

The Lives of Hamilton Fish is a feature length experimental musical murder mystery film based on events which occurred in the New York region during the Great Depression.

Set in a highly stylized 1936,  the film tells the story of a newspaper editor who discovers a coincidence which he prints on the front page of his paper. The deaths of two famous men who happen to share a single name. Hamilton Fish. One is famous for being a serial killer, the other for his political career. From the moment of his discovery, the Editor imagines how their lives, which could not have been more different, become entangled. The Editor reaches into the metaphysical dimension in order to grasp the nature of these two coincidental deaths and to discover whether or not it even was a coincidence. The story unfolds in dreamlike vignettes where the dead come to life.

The first stage of the project is in production (the movie)  and is being filmed on historic sites in New York where actual events in the narrative took place (Sing Sing prison, Untermyer Park, New Jersey Court Building among other locations) . The endeavor will expand to include live multi media musical performances with dancers, actors and musicians performing with the film.  Exhibitions will accompany the national tour of performed screenings at art institutions, hospitals, schools and theaters. 

Theodore Bouloukos
Bill Weeden
Sarah Baskin
Geo Wyeth
Shana Moulton
Rachel Mason
Vincent Cooper