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Eurasian Invasion! RATS in Repertory

Aleksey Burago

A series of plays and shorts stories from Europe, Russia and Asia.

A Series of Plays and Short Stories from Europe, Russia and Asia.  

In the Spring of 2012, a theatrical event will come to life in the East Village of New York. These highly physicalized adaptations will be performed by an international theater ensemble (The RATS Company) headed by Russian director Aleksey Burago, whose central mission is to awaken the human spirit through expressions of beauty, desire, compassion and hope. This multi-cultural program incorporates humor, provocation and dream-like fantasies to bring to life tales such as Di Zhu's adaptation of CHANG BOILS THE SEA, Ivan Bunin's IN PARIS, and Anton Checkhov's LADY WITH THE LAPDOG AND OTHER SHORT STORIES, and more.

Note: Due to the nature of this series--that several unique shows will be performed in repertory--the costs of putting up our program is many times more than the usual single show for a given run.  Each unique show will have distinct costs: set, costumes, lighting, sound, stage management, and the like.