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Brian Shapiro / School Mural

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Brian Shapiro / School Mural
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Students will take photos to be made into a mural that shows significant activities during their day at school.


High School Mural

Students will gather photos from their hand held devices and cameras of what they think significant about their day at school.  These photos will be printed and arranged in a narrative fashion and used to create a 6 foot wide painted, drawn and collaged mural.  The goal is to enhance the curriculum of multiple departments in an interdisciplinary fashion using the art process to help departments work toward meeting several New York State Education Standards. 

Students viewing the first, completed mural expressed delight at seeing themselves portrayed so positively, and said that seeing this "big picture" of their daily life made them proud of their school, and their place in it.  Fine art used in this way can create a lasting positive vision of both students and schoolplaces, that leads to increased life-long self-esteem.

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