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Bilingual J-pop theatre.



Kutsukake Tokijiro is a traditional Japanese lone wolf gangster story which explores the themes of love and obligation and the spirit of self-sacrice. After Tokijiro slays Sanzo, a rival yakuza, he embarks on an aimless journey with Sanzo's wife and son, blurring the boundaries between his obligation to Sanzo and his unspoken feelings of love for Sanzo’s wife. Jun Kim will explore the relationship between love and obligation in this human drama, and transform it into an experimental theatrical fantasy using musical performance, dance and visual arts. Kim will draw from diverse cultural inuences, both traditional and modern, Eastern and Western, to form bilingual hybrid J-Pop theatre. This hybrid will incorporate elements of Western movies (e.g. movie “Shane”-1953) , Spanish flamenco, Japanese pop culture (e.g. anime and manga), and movements originating from Noh, Kabuki and contemporary dance.