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UAB fosters personal relationships between at risk youth and positive, creative role models. In order to best serve the marginalized communities we work with our mentors/ teaching artists are trained in Critical Revolutionary Hip Hop Pedagogy. Art, music and mentoring is our formula for changing lives.


Urban Art Beat is a mentoring program that empowers under served youth to express themselves creatively through the arts.


 • Songwriting • Recording • Music Production • Dance • Performance Technique • Graphic Design • Writing for Social Change • History of Hip Hop 101.

We address community issues with experienced positivity.  UAB works closely with each school to tailor a curriculum to meet the needs of the students. For example, if a school is struggling with bullying, we  focus our workshops around the theme of conflict resolution. A school invested in advancing their students in the field of technology would choose workshops that focus on teaching the kids how to compose, record, and produce their own music. We offer a reliable safe space for students to develop social, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Life below the poverty line can often be unpredictable. We provide consistent, dependable spaces for students to empower themselves. After an initial "Kick Off Show," at the school site, students engage in 24, two hour workshops, spread out over the course of a school year. Apart from practicing and mastering new artistic skills, students set obtainable goals, plan and implement at least one major project, collaborate with other artists and students, reflect on their progress, problem solve, and give and receive constructive criticism. We offer critical one on one attention that has proven to keep kids in school. In overcrowded schools, it has been all too easy for students to slip between the cracks. Mentoring is a successful way to combat NYC’s abysmal graduation rates. The small student to teaching artist ratio allows for personal and relevant feedback. Students are continually encouraged to write, revise, share and publish their work, increasing their literacy and leadership skills and preparing them for college.


• To inspire academic achievement by engaging students in an alternative learning environment
• To provide underserved youth with innovative opportunities in the arts, during and after school
• To emphasize the positive and productive power of music and art in local urban communities
• To empower disadvantaged youth through creative collaboration
• To foster leadership, respect, self-worth, and individual identity through artistic expression
• To activate community members of all ages to address current events and enact change through art


If you would like to get involved, or if you are a teacher or principal who is interested in having our program at your school, please contact Rosaleen Knoepfel at

No time, but still want to support the youth? Please consider a tax deductible donation to UAB and spread the word to friends and family!

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