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The Un-Heroic Act: Rape in Contemporary Women’s Art in the US

Monika Fabijanska

The exhibition “The Un-Heroic Act. Representations of Rape in Contemporary Women’s Art in the US,” scheduled September-October 2018 at the Shiva Gallery at John Jay College for Criminal Justice, CUNY in New York City, proposes a concentrated survey of works devoted to rape, by a diverse roster of women artists representing three generations, including Roya Amigh, Andrea Bowers, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Jenny Holzer, Suzanne Lacy, Ana Mendieta, Senga Nengudi, Yoko Ono, Carolee Thea, and Kara Walker. Curated by Monika Fabijanska, it will demonstrate that rape constitutes one of central themes in women’s art and analyze its rich iconography in all mediums.


Pictured are:

Suzanne Lacy, Three Weeks in May, 1977, map, dims. variable, part of a documentation of a three week-long social practice project, which included collaboration with the LAPD, and over 30 performances and educational events organized throughout the city.

Roya Amigh, The Coerced Contact, 2016, installation: thread, paper, pieces of cloth, lace, 64 x 62 x 35 in