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The Lucky Star of Hidden Things

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The Lucky Star of Hidden Things
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"The Lucky Star of Hidden Things" is about a little boy who wakes up in a whimsical world and explores the fruitfulness of this magical kingdom. During his journey, Alnair meets extraordinary characters, rare creatures, and enjoys adventurous rides full of glitz and glamour. An international team is working on this project, people all over the world will have the opportunity to see this innovative and trailblazing 3D animation fantasy movie.


Hello, my name is Linette Lucas and I am the creator, screenwriter, director, and producer of the 3D animated fantasy movie “The Lucky Star of Hidden Things".  It is a children's story about an eight year old boy who explores the fruitfulness of this unfamiliar whimsical kingdom.  He meets extraordinary characters and enjoys adventurous rides full of breath-taking beauty.  The essence of filmmaking is to create gateways that allow people to explore and learn about themselves as well as others.  People love to escape to imaginary worlds even if it is someone else’s.  “The Lucky Star of Hidden Things” is refreshing, innovative, and a trailblazing film.  There is no age limit on this insightful experience because everyone takes pleasure in escaping real life from time to time.  This film is significantly important because over the past decade and a half, we have had many tragedies (war, natural disasters, recessions, revolts etc.) worldwide.  Therefore, constant reminders of the portrayal of these events are viewed through film and television.  These films are extremely informative, but can be very disturbing and full of melancholy.  Perhaps for just a moment, people can escape to an enchanting place and feel refreshed.  "The Lucky Star of Hidden Things" is approximately a ten minute long 3D animated movie.  Considering the time and precision it will take to produce, it can be very costly to complete.  Hence, the reason why Disney, DreamWorks, and Pixar are the only few companies in the film industry that usually invests in this genre of movies.  The estimated timeframe of completion is seven to twelve months with an international team of ten CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) Artists.    The "Lucky Star" Project has been in production for some time now.  My partner, George Baklessis, and I have raised a total of $15,000 for this project.  However, the all the money has been dispersed.  The money we raise is budgeted feasibly because we have been working with people who may work for animation or graphics companies, but also participate in freelance work.  This is an ideal group of people to collaborate with because they have solid experience in the field and they offer us discounted prices as freelancers as opposed to the fee major animation companies would charge.  We have been very successful thus far and are inspiring other independent filmmakers that “skies the limit”.  Many people love the “The Lucky Star” story and are amazed by the characters, rides and settings. 

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