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Everything Cancer

Peter Hanneman

In the murky streets of Florida lies an allegorical rock musical of hope and redemption.

With a story by Maximillian Hunter set to the melodically charged music of recording artist Corey TuT, everything Cancer explores the graphic shadows in the lives of the tenants of the converted monastery, Jesus Place. With sex, drugs, rock and roll, and the misfit inhabitants of Jesus place, the Jesus Freaks, you are taken on a trip through the lowest gutters of prostitution, to the harshest realities of drug addiction and pornography, and into the epiphanies of true love, family and forgiveness.

Too tough, real and brutally honest for a Disney feel-good world, everything Cancer is unlike any rock musical you've ever seen, so strap up, sit back and enjoy being propelled through a dark world where drugs and pornography, love and redemption swim together in the same dirty ocean.