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Lionorfox Presents

Sarah Muehlbauer

Lionorfox is an independent producer, performance artist, and curator. She collaboratively stages site-specific interdisciplinary happenings throughout the U.S. at the junction of circus, storytelling, environmental activism, and social practice.


Lionorfox initiates and co-facilitates site-specific group projects with a wide variety of makers. Her art takes the form of DIY theater (a combination of visual art, writing, and circus) and conceptually leading, curating, and producing hybrid events. Addressing themes of modern spirituality and the human condition in relation to the environment, her work as an artist and producer is invested in a post-disciplinary perspective.

Sarah’s site-specific led projects include The Walnut Lane Bridge project (site specific video/ dance/ sound series), “Wind at my Back” (installation/ collective storytelling/ contemporary circus/ visual art), and “A House for Birds”, her current touring show. AH4B is partnered with a program called “Intermission Acts for Independent Artists”, a malleable platform to host experimental theater work, providing difficult-to-come-by logistics for circus artists, and encouraging cross-genre collaborative approaches to performance. 


Current fundraising priority is toward producing in collaboration with her brother, Michael, an artist, engineer, landscaper, and community organizer. Based on the success and experience gained from co-creating and launching an event in collaboration with the Beacon Food Forest (Seattle, WA), a global inspiration for change, we plan to build and install a food forest and community garden landscape and infrastructure in which every aspect is seen as a piece of art. This collectively built site will be a place for people to grow food, experience the outdoors, and learn about permaculture, wilderness, and sustainable community—in short, producing tools, platform, and agency and becoming a catalyst for real social change.

To introduce the project and all its potential, this build-out is launched with a participatory art event, a collaboration between Michael and Sarah, a brother- and sister- team from Wisconsin, and both local and distant artists. The event invites community residents who have and have-not-yet explored the project’s development to celebrate, view and take part in the work, responding to the spirit of local environmental and social issues.

Ground has already been broken on this project at the historic Doughtery Farmstead in Washington state, combining both independently trajectories and collaborative efforts. Michael’s work lies at the intersection of agriculture, engineering, art, community, sustainability, and place-making. He designs, installs, and facilitates symbolic and utilitarian planting and infrastructure, bringing together communities through work parties, outreach, programs, and events. Sarah’s work as an artist has been to both lead and facilitate cohesive multi-disciplinary, collaborative art and performance happenings. For the purpose of this specific model of event, she developed a unique short theatrical work and curation program that thematically addressed environmental resource issues. The piece makes space for local performers through a malleable “Intermission” program, providing staging infrastructure and exposure to an underserved artistic community and drawing in audiences through the spectacle of circus arts. 

These efforts combined form a repeatable working model that infuses the ideas, energy, contribution, labor and love of a community within a lasting space for social growth and change. We plan to take this method to communities all over, proceeding with the momentum we gain and carry forward. We are currently fundraising toward the Duvall project, already begun, and work toward the development of future sites.