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girltank's "She Is" Multimedia Exhibit

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girltank's "She Is" Multimedia Exhibit
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The ‘She Is’ Multimedia Exhibition documents and shares the stories of young women social entrepreneurs from around the world.


The ‘She Is’ Multimedia Exhibition shares the diverse experiences of a select group of young women changemakers under the age of 30 from over 30 countries around the world. These dynamic young women social-change activists have started non-profits, grown socially conscious businesses, or begun humanitarian initiatives that others are now a part of...basically, they have done something powerful to help the people and communities they most care about.  

Through video interviews, portraits and words, the “She Is” exhibit will reveal insights into the struggles, triumphs and joys associated with being young women committed to social change in a world that does not always respect young women or embrace change. This exhibit will visit cities around the world to help inspire other young women to stand up powerfully inside their own lives and to get involved with social change. By featuring young women from many different socio-economic, political, religious, sexual and racial backgrounds, the exhibit will show audiences that young women can be powerful and have an enormous impact no matter their individual circumstances.  

girltank serves as the umbrella organization for the “She Is” project. girltank is a hybrid social enterprise dedicated to sourcing, engaging and training a global community of young women changemakers between the ages of 14 and 29. One of its main goals is to disseminate information by and about these changemakers to encourage a global perception of young women as powerful contributors to society. The young women featured in the exhibit will come from girltank’s initial class of changemakers.  

 ListenIn Pictures, the project’s media production partner, is dedicated to helping local and international social enterprises and non-profits tell their stories. ListenIn will develop short film portraits of girltank’s changemakers and the communities they come from. These core videos will be combined with the diverse interviews already gathered to create an exhibition that is able to be both intimate and global.   “She Is” will travel worldwide during the fall and winter of 2012 - 2013.

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