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Form Laboratory

Form Laboratory
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Form Laboratory is a nomadic “museum within a museum” that creates new archives that represent local cultures through their found objects.


Project Progress:

$6,000 March, 2012 Seoul Foundation for Art & Culture, Korea
Project funding and in-kind funding, for exhibition of Form Laboratory at PS 333 Gallery, Seoul (April 19-May 20, 2012)

Funding from Brazilian Ministry of Culture, Brasilia, 2012 for exhibition at Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Project funding and in-kind funding for exhibition of Form Laboratory for solo-museum exhibition. Currently preparing work with different communities in Sao Paulo. 

2012 - June 4-8 - on site location for Form Laboratory, Hong Kong

2012 - June 10-20 - on site location for Form Laboratory, London

Form Laboratory is a multi-city exhibition series in museums and art centers that explores localized cultures through their found objects which are collected, brought to improvised laboratories and reprocessed into new objects. Inspired by the archeological laboratory Form Laboratory is an Excavation Structure mining found-objects from a community brought into an art space; a Production System that uses these found objects as raw material producing new hybridized artifacts; and an Artifact-Archive that mirrors the host community. Form Laboratory activates how the spectator views artifacts not only as finished objects but also opens up the black box of the artist’s mind where an artifact’s conceptualization and genesis can be observed as a process. Form Laboratory exhibits at Seoul Art and Culture Foundation, Korea and Museu Brasileiro da Escultura (MuBE) in Sao-Paulo, Brazil in 2012. 

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