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Our art  projects make a social contribution that makes a difference in creating a culturally and spiritually affluent society.



Is there any demand for art in this time of the global economic crisis? President Obama addressed education as one of the primary challenges in the United States at the Congress last month. The press of New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) suggested how art and culture should take a role for New York City by stating, “Art and cultural activities are not just for luxury. They are an important aspect of education. They are an important attraction for tourists. Art and culture are the identity of New York City, and it is a vital source not only for economic growth but also for local community building and a key for inter-group communications. For New York City, the service of art and culture is as fundamental as infrastructure. City government supports art and cultural affairs in order to increase the quality of citizens’ life and decrease crime rate.”


As seen in above, we understand the importance of art. It is no doubt that art is one of the essential components of our society. But what kind of art benefits our society?  What we want from art is not the ones welcomed in the art bubble or the ones for pure commerce, but the ones that enrich our mind and take in part of improvement of our culture and society.


We will provide unique social activities that only artists and their creativity can allow it to happen. The society supports artists and artists pay back to the society in a form of social activities. By establishing this positive feedback system between artists and society, we can reinforce the relationship between art, culture, and society, and improve life in our society.  



Increasing internationalization and diversification of our modern society has highlighted the importance of the role in which art and cultural activities should play. Specifically, how these distinguished art activities could be valuable to the public interests or to the establishment of a culturally-wealthy society should be evaluated, defined and executed. Our organization seeks to become a bridge between the art world and the society as a whole to encourage the artist’s approach in dealing with issues in international communities. Our activity goal is to forge forward in facilitating the way that art can make a social contribution that makes a difference in creating a culturally and spiritually affluent society.

【ZOORI For Africa Project】

Our signature workshop and product is a Japanese slipper called "Zoori" which we make from recycled t-shirts. The mission is to make a direct contribution to the awareness of poverty and environmental challenges simply through the creation of Zoori.


Zoori is working in conjunction with Art Magnet, a non-profit organization sponsered by the New York Foundation for the arts, whose social contribution is foreseen and executed through the eyes and hands of the artist, and his/her timeless approach to the everchanging realities and challenges of global communities.

Zoori is also working in collaboration with The Lumu Kabasindi Foundation from the African community of Uganda, a non profit organization dedicated to providing orphans whose parents have died from war and disease with food, shelter, education, health care, and creative empowerment.

Similarly and more recently, Zoori has joined forces with Newtopia, a Japanese non-governmental organization that already has it’s feet tucked into 120 acres of Ugandan soil, where a school for 50 students has been built.  These students from grades 1 and 2 have lost their guardians through War and HIV, and they are supported with nourishment, individual love and tenderness, and through education and training that activates sparks of redemption within their exhausted traumatized conciousness, and replants the seeds for independent, creatively agile, inventive individual human beings.

Through team work and the sharing of new ideas with organizations that share a similar drive for action for change to our global environment and especially through direct interaction with the children themselves, we at Zoori envision an evolutionary and piorneering horizon filled with complexities that will invite us to think inventively, efficiently, and compassionately.  The call for action is louder today within the hearts and minds of man, and so we move, now.   

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