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The Bicycles - New York

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The Bicycles - New York
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The Bicycles NY mission is to bridge art, healthy living and environmental awareness through Gilberto Aceves Navarro’s inspiring artistic expression.


Getting from point A to point B, doesn’t have to be done as fast as possible, it can also be done at one’s own pace. Bicycles afford us this luxury. They also contribute to a healthy, active lifestyle as well as to a cleaner, greener city. They offer an opportunity to slow down and take in one’s surroundings for pleasure, adding to our quality of life.

Gilberto Aceves Navarro is an artist interested in challenging his audience through his art and its message. He believes that “small positive actions can affect great change” and is concerned with the environmental impact of everyday actions.

Most importantly, for Aceves Navarro, the bicycle is also a metaphor for the need for humanity to “pedal together” for a better world.

“The Bicycles - New York” consists of approximately 250 steel sculptures depicting people riding bikes and is part of a collaboration with the NYC Department of Transportation to promote bicycles as a convenient and fun alternative with the potential to improve the city’s infrastructure. The sculptures will be installed in prominent locations around Manhattan and Brooklyn in the Summer of 2013 for the enjoyment of the city’s residents.

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