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The Fresco Project

Mico Di Arpo

The Fresco Project is repurposing a vacant, historical church to create one of the largest public buon fresco murals in the United States. The objective is to create an environment for the preservation and advancement of this ancient medium while making a positive contribution to humanity that will last for many generations. The Fresco Project is not only unprecedented in the United States but as the largest fresco in world history to be painted by women is receiving considerable national and international attention. This project is sponsored by the New York Foundation for The Arts.


 “Knowledge and access are powerful tools that are imperative in creating a sustainable environment in which buon fresco and its artists can survive.”   Mico Di Arpo 

Buon fresco is the ancient art of painting on wet lime plaster with earth pigments ground in water. It is not only one of the oldest art forms but it is one of the most beautiful and permanent forms of art known to man. And it is dying. Few artists work in fresco, fewer are masters. The majority of the public have little access to fresco. Architects and designers rarely consider fresco in their projects. If the ones that are able do not advocate and support projects that bring awareness, use and knowledge of this great art form then it will disappear. There will be no Michelangelo, no Raphael, no Botticelli or Perugino for the ones looking back on us. It is sad to know that such a permanent art is in such a fragile state. It is empowering to know we have the ability to change its fate.

The goal of this project is to bring the art of Buon fresco to a public audience that may otherwise not have access to this beautiful art form and to ensure that this art continues on for the enrichment of all people.

Create opportunities for current and future fresco artist

The fresco project is bringing awareness and access of fresco to a large public audience and helping to facilitate opportunities for current and future fresco artists that will ultimately ensure the continuation of the medium. The project is accomplishing this by painting the murals in an open forum and showing how the pictorial decoration of frescoes enhance the architectural elements of an interior space, how it impacts its environment and how it is able to influence aesthetic values.

Expand awareness of the many environmental and health benefits of fresco

Buon fresco is a green medium that actually improves the environment in which it lives. Every element used to create a fresco is organic, environmentally friendly and come from lavishly rich resources. Lime is the main component in fresco. It is abundantly found in nature, contains no VOC's, (volatile organic compounds, those nasty chemicals that are toxic to our air quality and environment), reduces the carbon footprint by absorbing carbon dioxide and is a natural air filter and mold inhibitor.

Give the world a free and public space of visual contemplation that honors diversity and celebrates unity

The fresco project is creating a public mural that emphasizes our cultural similarities as opposed to our differences while celebrating the differences in how we project our similarities. By bringing together a theme and subject that emphasizes our mutual interest and spirituality, this mural will visually stimulate a dialogue that moves us towards a stronger understanding and tolerance for how we culturally go about achieving those needs.

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