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The Compassion Fresco Project

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The Compassion Fresco Project
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The Compassion Fresco is a large public buon fresco mural that is being painted in South Carolina, United States. The Compassion mural is taking us on an angelic journey. It is an invitation to peek into the secret and intimate relationship between angels and the earth’s sentient beings. The angels are welcoming us to explore their compassionate reaction to the darkest side of humanity while surrounding us with words of wisdom written throughout the world and time by our own kind. This visual story of love and hope is rooted in the angelic desire for us to live more compassionately towards each other, animals and our planet. An animal’s life is as important and irreplaceable to them as our own life is to us. Treating them as insignificant, exploitable resources and destroying our world in the process will eventually lead to our own demise, spiritually and physically. But this is a story of hope and there is much that we can do collectively and individually to build a more compassionate world.


 “Knowledge and access are powerful tools that are imperative in creating a sustainable environment in which buon fresco and its artists can survive.”   Mico Di Arpo 

The Compassion fresco uses words and images to advocate for compassion towards all living beings. The mural approaches the subject using renaissance inspired  and culturally diverse angels to tell a story of love and compassion from an angelic perspective. The murals narrative  weaves words of wisdom from artists, philosophers, activists and scientists throughout the world and time to bring awareness and resolutions to global, environmental and animal abuse issues affecting our health, our earth, our souls and the souls of the animals we cause harm.​

The Purpose of this project is to help build a more compassionate world by connecting with people on an emotional level and inviting them to contemplate our collective treatment of each other and animals while visually exploring the moral and environmental consequences our world is paying for this lack of compassion. 

The Goal is to create something permanent and beautiful that opens a continuous dialog on the advantages of living an authentic, compassionate existence within our communities and our world. The mural is infused with hope and actions that we as individuals can do to change the status quo and build a more compassionate and healthy world. 

Compassion is one of humanity's greatest virtues and includes our highest moral ability to feel empathy and extend respect for each other, our planet and her animals. Visual art has the remarkable power to echo the reality, emotions and perceptions of humanities strengths and weaknesses, but to a greater degree has the ability to communicate social and global values that elevate humanity as a whole. While it is not the position of a painting to change the world, it does create a space for soulful contemplation and in so has the power to effect continuous lasting change.

​The Compassion Fresco is an international collaborative project being entirely conceived, created and painted by professional female fresco artists: Isabelle Bonzom from France, Patrizia Gioia from Italy and Mico Di Arpo from the United States. As the first project of its kind in the United States it is historical and brings a multicultural and feminist approach to animal rights and environmental activism.

Buon fresco is one of the oldest art forms known to humanity and it is dying. Few artist paint in fresco, fewer are masters and still fewer of these are women. So when female master fresco artists from France, Italy and the US come together in a rural southern town to create a buon fresco mural it becomes exciting, important and historical. 

Buon fresco is the ancient art of painting on wet lime plaster with earth pigments ground in water. It is not only one of the oldest art forms but it is one of the most beautiful and permanent forms of art known to man. And it is dying. Few artists work in fresco, fewer are masters. The majority of the public have little access to fresco. Architects and designers rarely consider fresco in their projects. If the ones that are able do not advocate and support projects that bring awareness, use and knowledge of this great art form then it will disappear. There will be no Michelangelo, no Raphael, no Botticelli or Perugino for the ones looking back on us. It is sad to know that such a permanent art is in such a fragile state. It is empowering to know we have the ability to change its fate.





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