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Cracked Ice (United Nations)

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Cracked Ice (United Nations)
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The Cracked Ice Exhibition at the United Nations is a project to build and install five Cracked Ice sculptures, exhibited in the United Nations General Assembly Building, June 1 to June 12, 2020. [email protected] (Del Geist, Artist, Principal: Cracked Ice, LLC, 212-594-0658) [email protected] (Roger Sichel, Principal, Project Development: Cracked Ice, LLC, 914-589-5848).


Cracked Ice Exhibition at the United Nations

Cracked Ice: Five Glacial Erratic Sculptures by artist Del Geist, are scheduled to be exhibited in the United Nations General Assembly Building, June 1 to June 12, 2020, to coincide with World Environment Day, June 5, 2020

This Exhibition Project is sponsored by the Republic of Slovenia, and The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. 

The artwork has been developed from the perspective of a ‘geologic time frame.

The sculptures speak to climate change.  Philosophically Cracked Ice condenses time into a physical metaphor. 18,000 years ago New York was covered with an ice sheet 2000 feet (600 meters) thick.

Encompassed within the works are 18,000 years of ‘global warming’, now increasing at a dramatic rate.

The sculptures are constructed of stainless steel, each carrying a glacial erratic boulder, as major iconic markers of our time.

The stainless steel structures allude in form and color to ice fractures, as if they were castings of the fracture voids within the glacier.

The boulders are authentic ‘glacial erratics’, selected for their expressive geological qualities, from upstate New York.

The works appear ‘slightly precarious’ as metaphors for ‘climate change’, alluding to a ‘precarious’ situation for the earth.

These are high energy artworks speaking to relevant issues of our time and place today.

This is part of Cracked Ice: Glacial Erratic Sculpture Project for New York City a sculpture project comprised of a series of high profile sculptures to be placed throughout the City simultaneously in 2021.

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