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Sidney Grant

Our mission at BALLROOM BASIX™ (BBX) is to positively impact children's social, emotional and physical well-being as they transition from elementary to middle school by teaching the fundamentals of Ballroom & Latin dance using a non-competitive methodology that develops coordination, instills self-confidence, and fosters camaraderie and cooperation among classmates.


We include a variety of partner dances in our multi-year program, beginning with merengue, tango, swing and a country-western favorite, the barn dance, later learning foxtrot, salso, waltz, rhumba and cha cha cha. Our instruction integrates and reinforces the poise and politeness inherent in partner dance etiquette. In addition to learning proper dance frame, students are taught the appropriate way to ask for a dance and accept the invitation.

Our unique syllabus ensures that all students—regardless of ability, appearance, popularity, ethnicity or orientation—dance rotationally and respectfully with each other. We supplement the dance curriculum with basic math, geography, social studies, spelling and Spanish so that the children absorb not only the steps, but also some knowledge about the cultures and countries where the dances originate.