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Michele Kong

INNER LIGHT will be an intimate space lined with concave mirrors creating a phenomenological space of light and reflection.

Michele Kong's INNER LIGHT will be a sculptural installation made up of an array of 48 concave mirrors that will create an experiential phenomenon. The piece will be an intimate octagonal space displaying concave mirrors mounted within, which invites viewers to take a closer inspection.  Upon entering the space of mirrors, viewers will be immersed in an environment of altered perceptions.  Viewers will look for their reflections in the mirrors.  The array of mirrors will provide multiple and simultaneous vantage points, which will be at once arresting and enticing.  Nevertheless, a clear image of the viewers' reflections will be unattainable.  The mirrors will hit upon a primal instinct of curiosity and encourage further looking.  In addition, the mirrors will focus the ambient light and produce a holographic-like effect, an INNER LIGHT.

This project will become a permanent installation at the USA Shaolin Temple in Fleischmanns, NY and serve as a meditation room. INNER LIGHT is anticipated to be complete in 2013.

Creation of the hand-blown glass elements for this project was supported by a residency at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA.