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Why Philly?

Why Philly?
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Deep within a legendary fight town, a community nurtures and challenges inner city kids to rise above their beginnings and become invincible.


The defining image of the “Philly Boxing” brand, the scrappy underdog who gets knocked down and gets back up, is so closely aligned with the self image of so many native Philadelphians themselves, that it is often hard to distinguish between the two, and yet it is so much more than the location that has built the brand. “It's not just Philly,” says Steve Cunningham, two-time IBF cruiserweight champion, “It's poverty.”

Why Philly? takes us from that poverty, through the streets, the often dark childhoods, incarceration, to the salvation of the gyms, the discipline of a brutal yet beautiful sport, and the duty to carry the weight and the glory of perhaps the deepest legacy of any boxing city in the USA, and the determination of an entire community. Everyone from street kid to promoter, from fan to boxer, cut-man, trainer, and youth-activist has a role and does his or her part, and the connection between past, present and future vital and celebrated. “Why Philly?” is about lives at the crossroads, the right route chosen, and champions and role models made.

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