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Max navigates his way through a quarter life crisis and affairs with casual racists in the city that never sleeps.



Set amidst the creative class of downtown New York City, Darkcomedy is the humorous coming of age story of Max, an alienated failed actor moonlighting as a bartender. When Max is hit with a biblical string of bad luck, he's sent on a solitary journey of self-discovery. Continuing in the traditions of Manhattan, Do The Right Thing and Frances Ha; Darkcomedy is character driven with nuanced undercurrents of race and class that play out as a love/hate letter to the Big Apple.



Woodrow moved to New York at 17 from Eutaw, Alabama to attend the Pratt Institute where he studied Fine Art, Film and Photography. He completed his film studies, with a concentration in cinematography and directing, at the School of Visual Arts. Woodrow has worked for artists Larry Clark and Ryan McGinley, as well as hosting and producing for Vice Magazine and Viacom’s, VBS.TV. Darkcomedy is Woodrow Morton’s first feature film and his directorial debut.



There’s something so persistently interesting about New Yorkers and their willingness to live in the chaotic rhythm of the city. I find it even more fascinating and often times comedic; the unique ways New Yorkers find to interact with one another. We are complex creatures of habit who are each so different and each so unique; yet we all ultimately want the same things. We can be incessantly self aware and willfully oblivious all in the same instance. It’s this sort of duality, this sort of paradox that makes being a New Yorker a marvelous thing. Inspired by the films of Woody Allen and Spike Lee that center around the gritty and absurd qualities of New York, Darkcomedy exists not just as an extension of those films but also as their successor.

Darkcomedy is currently fundraising for Production expenses.



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