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A Spider Lurks In Brooklyn

Leon Reid

A Spider Lurks in Brooklyn is a monumental public art intervention designed for installation on the Brooklyn Bridge.

A Spider Lurks in Brooklyn (ASLB) is public artist Leon Reid IV’s most innovative project to date. A massive Funnel-web spider is seen crawling through the cables of the Brooklyn Bridge transforming the way in which New York’s most famous monument is interpreted. The ASLB experience is expected to be equal parts wonderful and mysterious yet thoroughly entertaining for both children and adults. The proposed project is intended to be on display for two weeks during the Halloween season.

ASLB has the potential to satisfy multiple incentives for the downtown districts of Brooklyn and Manhattan. From a tactical standpoint, ASLB is designed to achieve three major benchmarks:

1) Boost downtown economic activity.
2) Create public art enjoyable for the family.
3) Attract and enhance tourism.

ASLB Seeks to gather a portion of Halloween economic activity by creating an event that visitors can enjoy while patronizing local downtown business such as bars, restaurants and gift shops.

ASLB Is designed to be a work of art that is enjoyable for the entire family. The simplicity of the spider will be of particular delight to young children and adolescents.

ASLB Is intended to draw in tourists during the two week installation while  brightening the tourism experience for those in town during the event.


ASLB selected press coverage:

Uptown Radio
The Washington Post
The Village Voice
The Gothamist
The New York Post
The L Magazine 

About The Artist:
Widely known for his public art and street interventions in New York City and the United Kingdom, Leon Reid IV has worked and exhibited throughout the United States, Europe and South America. He holds a B.F.A. from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and an M.A. from Central St. Martins in London. For more information visit: www.leonthe4th.com

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) is the city agency responsible for oversight and maintenance of the Brooklyn Bridge. The DOT has not issued a permit for ASLB and there is no guarantee that ASLB will ultimately receive approval, allowing for the installation to move forward.  ASLB may be modified from its currently conceived form to satisfy DOT regulations at any stage of the planning and realization process.