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Pelo! Pelo!

Pelo! Pelo!
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Documentarian Tracy Grant uses music and highlights of the Dominican culture, that will colorfully trace the stories of several female Dominican hairstylists from the USA to the DR. Dominican hair salons is big business! Pelo!Pelo! which means Hair!Hair! is a stylish, progressive, documentary film that creates awareness about the Latina female entrepreneur and immigrant. Pelo! Pelo! won’t be just a film...it's an experience!


Pelo! Pelo!

Down the street, on the corner, on the other side of the door, fragrant shampoos battle the scent of hair being transformed by heat. Ladies chatter in Spanish over the hum of giant hood dryers while novelas play one after the other on TV. Kids giggle during the long wait for their mothers and vendors from the neighborhood sell their wares…

En la calle, en la esquina, del otro lado de la puerta, champús perfumados combaten el olor del cabello transformado por el calor. Las mujeres charlan encima del zumbido de las secadoras mientras las novelas se tocan una tras otra en la televisión. Los niños se ríen durante la larga espera por sus madres y los vendedores de la zona venden sus productos ...
Documentarian Tracy Grant, director of "I Remain" (tracygrant.net) and celebrity hair stylist Ona Diaz-Santin, create a stylish, progressive documentary film that places the spotlight squarely on the Latina female entrepreneur and immigrant.

La documentalista Tracy Grant, directora de "I Remain" (tracygrant.net) y la estilista de celebridades Ona Diaz-Santin, crean un documental progresista que pone en foco la mujer empresaria latina e inmigrante.

Dominican hair salons are big business and Pelo! Pelo! (Hair! Hair!) tells the compelling stories of diverse stylists who own, work in or manage lively salons in the United States and the Dominican Republic. Narrowed down from over fifty interviews in NY, DC, MD, GA and FL, the film traces their roots and travels to the colorful, culturally rich Dominican Republic – the backdrop of the film. 

Salones de belleza dominicanos son un gran negocio y Pelo! Pelo! narra las increíbles historias de diversos estilistas que poseen, trabajan o administran salones en los Estados Unidos y la República Dominicana. Reducido de más de cincuenta entrevistas en NY, DC, MD, Georgia y Florida, la película traza sus raíces y se desplaza a la colorida y culturalmente rica República Dominicana - el telón de fondo de la película.

Many of these women have traveled from the “Third World” to the “New World” in search of the American dream. What is more, in these difficult financial times, they are opening salons… not shutting them down.  

Muchas de estas mujeres han viajado desde el "tercer mundo" al "Nuevo Mundo" en busca del sueño americano. Es más, en estos tiempos de dificultades financieras,  están abriendo salones ... no cerrándolos.

Which leads to multiple questions: Why is hair styling such a popular skill set and large source of income and business ownership for so many Dominican women? How does racial identity influence technique? Who is actually financing these stores? What is the influence of Dominican salons on beauty product sales, competition and the industry as a whole? Pelo! Pelo! explores each of these questions.

Lo que nos lleva a varias preguntas: ¿Por qué el peinado del cabello, sus requeridas habilidades y la propiedad del negocio son las grandes fuentes de ingresos para muchas mujeres dominicanas? ¿Cómo influencia la identidad racial en la técnica? ¿Quién en realidad financia estas tiendas? ¿Cuál es la influencia de los salones dominicanos, en las ventas de productos de belleza, la competencia y la industria en su conjunto? Pelo! Pelo! explora cada una de estas preguntas.


While Pelo! Pelo! has a diverse audience here in the United States, its main demographic is the global Spanish-speaking market. The music will thus have international appeal, influenced by traditional salsa, meringue, bachata, contemporary hip-hop and reggae-ton.

From the start, Pelo! Pelo! engages the audience through vibrate online marketing, interaction and participation, allowing the viewer to become part of the film-making process: the best title song will be voted on via a band competition; daily features that don’t make the final cut will be uploaded to the branded website during shooting; etc.

Pelo! Pelo! will be entered into several film festivals via Withoutabox, including, but not limited to, HBO Presents New York International Latino Film Festival, Boston Latino Film Festival, San Diego Latino Film Festival, Tribeca, Sundance, New York International Film Festival and The Harlem International Film Festival. 

A grassroots project at heart, fundraising for Pelo! Pelo! will include not-for-profit organizations, community contributions, Latino magazines, Latino celebrities, Latino TV stations, Latino politicians, major consumer brands and financial companies.

The film will empower and influence younger women to create their own business opportunities in their communities. Through Pelo! Pelo!, the public will get to know a productive, resourceful slice of Dominican and Dominican-American culture that they perhaps never knew existed.

Pelo! Pelo! not just a film...its an experience!

Why Should You Invest in Pelo! Pelo! 

Pelo! Pelo! is a New York Foundation for the Arts Project. NYFA was established in 1971 and has gone on to produce many renowned artists, from filmmakers, writers and painters to composers, choreographers and more. Many have gone on to win Academy Awards or become MacArthur Fellows. 

Pelo! Pelo! targets the Latino population, the fastest growing market in the United States. Its sheer size and growth is demonstrating major influence across many of the nation’s top markets.

• Latinos demonstrate loyalty to name brands, especially in the top three CPGs: hair care, baby products and health & beauty. Pelo! Pelo! is targeting the same demographic.

Pelo! Pelo! will use and focus on mix media as a platform to reach an online viewing audience. Latinos spend 68% more time watching video on the Internet and 20% more time watching video on mobile devices compared to non-Hispanic whites.

•Executive Producer Ona Diaz-Santin is herself a celebrity hair stylist. A Dominican-American, she grew up in the hair salon culture. Her insight is vital and extremely informative to the foundation of this film. Ona lives and breathes the essence of Pelo! Pelo!

• Pelo! Pelo! will use the richness of Dominican culture to reach and interact with the viewing audience through constant engagement via music, social media, daily uploads and voting contests on a Pelo! Pelo! branded website.

• Most importantly, you will be contributing to the empowerment, education and enhancement of positive self-awareness for many young women! 

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