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Aliens in New York

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Aliens in New York
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“Aliens in NY” is a short-term interactive installation using a group of Peekaboo-kun sculptures. It will promote mutual understandings among people who belong to different ethnicities, religions, races, genders, and other social standings. 


Aliens in New York is a short-term, interactive large scale installation that I would like to set up in as many public places. 
Please take a look this fun 2013 annual Manga report:
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I was interviewed by NYFA Current page, please visit here:


When I immigrated, I saw that my status was described as an ‘alien’ at JFK airport and at a customer service in a bank, etc., and I felt strange. ‘Who is an Alien?’

I decided to create new Peekaboo-kun sculpture of ‘aliens’ whom I met in NYC. Now the word "aliens" was changed to "visitors," however, it doesn't mean that Martians were replaced with Terrans. I believe that people's awareness brought this change. Now we don't find any "aliens" at JFK, but how about in the city?

Aliens are creation of doubt and mutual distrust of people's mind. Confliction or battle may be created by lonely minds. No one knows the next door, and rapidly changing lifestyles are sometimes too much for us. When people can't catch up with the tide of changing world, mutual distrust may be born, and it could turn to violence.

I want to change those anxieties to excitement with my art project.

I may look like an alien by others. We may look alike aliens by others. Then, who are we and who are the others?

Who are we from the people who speak different languages and different lifestyles?

Take a breath and poke in to my art project. Then, you may find the answer. They may be us.

I need your support to make it happen. Please join the Page where you will find details and more information.

Aliens in New York, art project

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