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When The Night Falls

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When The Night Falls
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A Dark Comedy action packed thrill ride, that's both Funny and Frightening with dysfunctional modern characters, who you don't know whether to cheer for or hope to meet their doom.


"When The Night Falls" is the story of Ned Bronson. A washed up Minor League Baseball Player. Once the pride of "The New Jersey Rebels" this promising power hitter goes to prison for a crime he did not commit. Now out, and with his life and career in ruins Ned goes to work with his brother Bubba at their Uncle's motorcycle garage where he is coerced to become an illegal bootlegger in The Appalachian Mountains of New Jersey. During his welcome home party, Ned is reconnected with his old flame Mistie and he and his friends engage in hard drinking, and debauchery. But the celebration soon comes to an end when they are attacked by what used to be the local police department, and are all faced with the unimaginable task of surviving what could be their last night on earth.

A 20 minute action packed thrill ride, that's both Funny and Frightening with dysfunctional modern characters who you don't know whether to cheer for, or hope to meet their doom. "When The Night Falls" is akin to the Drama of "The Walking Dead", the Insanity of "The Evil Dead", all with a "Die Hard" Sense of Humor.

   The goal of the film is to create an exciting piece of art and to introduce Ed Bergtold (Writer/Director) and Karin Ivancev (Producer) and their team as provocative and entertaining filmmakers in a popular and beloved film genre.

    Ed Bergtold is already a veteran NY Actor with many Major & Independent Film Credits  We intend to screen at film festivals and use "Last Night on Earth" as our calling card, to hopefully some day make it into a feature film with the possibility of sequels.
   Currently, in late 2012 we are in our fund-raising process. In Fall of 2013, we hope to be in our pre-production phase which will include signing our crew and cast.  In the months of January to March 2014 we plan to be locking locations, securing the necessary equipment, booking catering and housing for cast and crew, and the necessary means of transportation. Principal photography set to begin sometime between April and June 2014, for a seven-day on location shoot. 

   The target audience for this film would be 18-35 male and female fans of horror, comedy, thriller, and drama. Examples such as: Shaun of The Dead, The Evil Dead, Easy Rider, The Walking Dead, Creep Show, True Blood, Night of the Living Dead, and The Devil’s Rejects

    "When The Night Falls" is an original screenplay written by Ed Bergtold and copyrighted by The WGA

Currently running a Crowd Fundraising Campaign on Rocket Hub:

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