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Troubling, yet ultimately hopeful story of five people, from three different generations, navigating their way through realities of their everyday lives.


Nico and Ana are a young couple in New York. Nico is an ambitious civil engineer with dreams of big future in aviation design and no job at the moment. Ana just landed a job at a local music store and her dreams are grounded and pragmatic. Her soon-to-be-born baby and Nico by her side, is all she needs for comfort now. 

George and Stacy are a middle-age couple. They were high-school sweethearts with high hopes for the future. But George ended up working for a small music-store chain and Stacy divides her time between her job, TV and heroin. 

Isabelle is an older, lonely music teacher, hopelessly in love with Mark, a colleague from her music-school. She is tormented by her desires for Mark, but her shy nature prevents Isabelle from opening up. Unable to break out of her cocoon-like, comfortable existence, Isabelle channels her bottled-up desires in daydreaming and stalking Mark.

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