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Carrier Pigeon: Illustrated Fiction and Fine Art

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Carrier Pigeon: Illustrated Fiction and Fine Art
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Carrier Pigeon: Illustrated Fiction and Fine Art is a volunteer based art and fiction publication. Paper Crown Press has produced 17 issues of the magazine that has featured 340 artists and 102 writers since 2010. Our partnership with NYFA will allow sustainability in our production schedule, access to special projects and increased service to artists, illustrators, designers and writers world-wide. Our goal is to continue to promote accessibility to the arts and unrestricted creative freedom.


Our goal is to provide a magazine that is, in itself, a piece of artwork.  We believe that loyalty to each artist's personal vision, without regard to current trends, provides the best environment in which to collaborate on fully personal work. Therefore, Carrier Pigeon renders all creative control to the contributing writers, illustrators, fine artists and designers, who create collaborative, and quickly evolving compositions featured alongside portfolios of contemporary work by fine artists from an unrestricted demographic range.

Every issue of Carrier Pigeon is composed of 6 illustrated stories that are separated by 6 contemporary art portfolios. We work with a different graphic designer on each edition and allow them to reinvent the identity and layout from scratch. Collaboration is encouraged between the contributors of the magazine to create concepts that go outside the standard book form and work with artists to create original, limited-edition, handmade, fine-art objects that are included inside. 

We edition every issue of Carrier Pigeon to 1000 copies. Production of each issue takes 8 months to complete, with 2 months allowed for illustration, 2 months for graphic design, 2 months for the offset printing and 2 months to construct and complete the issue in studio. With the support of NYFA, we plan to launch 3 final printed issues by December 2020, completing the 5th volume of the periodical at issue 20.

We are resolute on providing artists a platform that respects their vision and a venue to share their work with the world. We have reached over 250,000 people since 2010 through our distribution to bookstores across 6 states, our 250 subscriptions and organizing or participating in a range of exhibitions, artist markets and free public events.  Our volunteer staff tracks attendance and demographics when ever possible to help us determine our current audience and the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. We continually organize fundraisers, exhibitions and participate in markets, art/book fairs, and conferences to promote and directly fund every issue. Carrier Pigeon is collected by universities, galleries and public libraries throughout the world.  We continue to regularly promote our contributors work through social media platforms, poster campaigns and unique artistic events. These practices create a more unified point of reference between the artist and their surrounding community and attracts new print enthusiasts and art collectors. 

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