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Destiny's Bridge

Destiny's Bridge
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DESTINY'S BRIDGE - A Home for the Homeless



A homeless minister stands up to a town that is evicting him, along with 80 other people living in the woods in Lakewood, NJ. Police raids and arrests are met by charges of harassment in this explosive documentary that questions the human rights of the poor while exploring new ideas for housing the homeless. With the town closing in and eviction on their doorstep, the homeless set out to create their own self-sustained shelter that provides community, ownership and rehabilitation.


In order to get DESTINY'S BRIDGE out to a national audience, we need your support in raising the funds for our Outreach Program and distribution. The documentary is complete and there are no further expenses related to the making of the film. The only thing stopping the film from a public release are the legal and technical finishing expenses that every film has to go through in order to get into distribution.
We've had great success at our community screenings since the August 2013 premiere of the documentary. The film has screened at over 10 colleges in New Jersey already. Communities and college students have not only shown support for the film but have engaged in important conversation about the homeless crisis we are experiencing. The Tent City epidemic is not only happening in New Jersey; throughout the entire country we are seeing Tent Cities continue to spring up as more and more people find themselves out of a job and losing their home.

The film has an important social value, we need to educate the public and learn about new ideas for housing the homeless that are humane and rehabilitates. The DESTINY’S BRIDGE documentary needs to get out to a national audience now while this problem continues to grow throughout America. Homelessness is a downward spiral and without the proper support it can easily become a lifelong situation that could be prevented. DESTINY’S BRIDGE shows us how important the emotional needs are to a homeless person and how ownership and community is imperative to rehabilitation.


Please make a donation through our tax exempt fiscal sponsor, the New York Foundation for the Arts.

NYFA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. As the fiscal sponsor of DESTINY’S BRIDGE, you will receive a 100% write off from your donation and NYFA will send you the proper tax documents for your records. Another benefit of using NYFA is that they hold all the funds and pay vendors directly assuring donors that all the funding goes towards project expenses.

If you prefer, you can mail a check and receive the same tax benefits as online. Just make the check out to “New York Foundation for the Arts” and mail it to us at:

Ultravision Films
PO Box 535
South River, NJ 08882

Be sure to include DESTINY’S BRIDGE in the memo.
We will then submit the check to NYFA. 

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