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Alison Machabee Dance Collective

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Alison Machabee Dance Collective
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Alison Machabee Dance Collective creates and performs dances that foster social courage, wide perspective, and generous living. In doing so, we provide dancers with a platform to enrich and enliven all areas of our shared, daily lives.


A note from founder and Artistic Director, Alison Machabee:

It is all too easy to lose hope in the arts. Everywhere we look, humans - fueled by hate and despair - fire words and bullets at each other. The lack of love can be all-consuming, and sometimes, I question my decision to dance as a selfish pursuit. It is in the profound and enduring spirit of the mover, however, where I find hope. For those of us who are called to dance, our practice is life-giving. Alison Machabee Dance Collective is my personal, professional, and socially-reaching mission to continue shaping communities to understand one another. Dance on its own cannot change the world. It is the dancers – transformed by daily practice, enlivened by movement, and encouraged by positive connections – who go out into the world and do good.


By embracing a new dancer/human model, Alison Machabee Dance Collective fuels dancers physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Bolstered by the immense vitality that we build in the studio and on the stage, we enter all roles of our daily lives with our learned grace and ability to connect across boundaries of every form. When you support Alison Machabee Dance Collective, you not only support the creation of works of art generous in perspective and vibrant with positivity, you also support the development of well-rounded dancer/humans who are fundamental to the betterment of our public and private lives.  


On the docket for 2020 are many engaging events, including an appearance in Peridance’s Performance Lab, an evening-length work presented in collaboration with young composers, and a goal to offer weekly company classes. Your donation will directly support:

·      Paying dancers fairly for their work in the studio, on the stage, and in our communities

·      Paying musicians and composers for their collaborations

·      Studio rental, theater rental, and technical elements


I sincerely thank you for your consideration in supporting Alison Machabee Dance Collective's development. View video footage of our work HERE.

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