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Clay World Animation Studios / Cloud World

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Clay World Animation Studios / Cloud World
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Cloud World is a clay-mation story about the life of a group of birds and clouds during an oil spill .


Cloud World is an ongoing collaborative project leveraged by various backgrounds as theater artists, architects, sculptors, and musicians.
Our project budget is 65,000$. Through in-kind contributions and earned income we have been able to secure 30,000$. The rest of our project will be funded through grant support and individual donations. Cloud World, is and independent project fiscally sponsored by Artspire.
Thus far, a project crew has been assembled including a sound effects artist, a musician, actors and a graphic artist who will do the storyboard sketches. The cast of characters consists of five conservatory- trained actors. In November, a reading was done and rehearsals took place throughout December and January.  In February, the dialogue was recorded at Pearl Studios NYC and we are currently in the process of editing and arranging the basic dialogue. All special effects and sound track music will be recorded while the stop motion process advances but mostly during our post production phase.  
Jorge Cruz, will be the artistic director and manage the creative interpretation of the scripts into an episodic clay animation series. Jorge, a graduate architect from the University of Texas and the artistic director of Clay World Animation Studios. will design the set and the characters of the mini series with handmade clay sculptures, clay puppets, and miniature sets. His animations will be based on the script written by Camilo Almonacid, Cloud World.  
Our collaboration embraces spontaneity, playfulness, improvisation, and we would like the process of animating to feel like a live theater performance.  We will use Dragon Software to capture the stop motion story. The final form will be an episodic clay animation series about clouds, birds, and humans alive during an oil spill. Mike the cloud, plus the birds: Billy, Diego, Ingrid, and a Little Girl, will have to fight the industry empire in order save the Gulf from oil devastation.

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