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Hardboiled is a stop-motion animated film satirizing the inescapable cliches and conventions inherent to urban crime dramas.


PETER SLUSZKA/HARDBOILED Food and felonies are inseparable in “Hardboiled”, a unique, animated satire of the classic urban American crime drama. Gritty, noir-ish, and absurd, the story follows the exploits of tough talking detectives, Harry and Callaham (an egg and a slice of ham), as they frustrate their boss, an irascible knish, shake down a sleazy bacon pimp, and tangle with a megalomaniacal strawberry. As the heroes delve into the Dairytown murders, the plot unfolds briskly, driven by the snappy dialogue and macho posturing inherent to the genre. Every character, set, and action in this story is handmade, brought to life through the painstaking process of stop-motion animation. Imagine “Dirty Harry”, “The French Connection”, and “CSI”, recast with animated food, and enter the surreal, comic world of “Hardboiled”, where a bad egg can be a damn good cop.

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