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B. Madonna

Maureen Fleming

Crossing cultures and art forms Maureen Fleming invents surreal movement poetry that transforms how we think of the human body. In B. Madonna, Fleming brings her contemporary unveiling of the myth of Persephone to audiences nationally and internationally with text by David Henry Hwang and music by Philip Glass performed live by pianist Bruce Brubaker, this beautiful, multimedia meditation on 'miracles' juxtaposes Fleming's new and repertory works with three-dimensional video projections designed by longtime collaborator Christopher Odo.


"The goal of my work is to reveal the transcendent through images which focus on the human body as a vehicle of transformation. I am specifically interested in finding a universal art that touches the evolutionary traces imbedded in human experience and transcends the limits of nationality and gender, placed on us all in an aim of discovering what is truly universal about the journey of the soul."

Maureen Fleming Company explores the infinite sphere, where the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere. Her evening length B. MADONNA celebrates the mythology of the eternal feminine, through a poignant study of the female body and it’s relationship to the universal soul’s journey. Archetypal and genuine, the work plumbs the depths of human experience, touching the essence of our inner life. Fleming's National Endowment for the Arts funded dance theatre production B. MADONNA honoring La MaMa founder Ellen Stewart premiered October 17th – November 3rd, 2013 at La MaMa in NYC surprising audiences and critics alike, culminating in full houses and standing ovations. 

The O’Shaughnessy at St. Catherine University presented the Midwest premeire B. Madonna on November 7, 2015 with an accompanying photography installation at the adjacent Stisters of St. Joseph's Carondelet Center Gallery preceding the theater presentation allowing the audience to have a multi-dimensional visual and performance experience. B. Madonna will tour to the Galway International Festival on July 20-23rd and beyond. Your contributions will bring Maureen Fleming's work to her artistic origin and ancestral home. 

B. Madonna at the O'Shaughnessy on November 7th left audiences with the question "Is Maureen Fleming human? ...The work sang with transcendent emanation."


”Fleming…seemed to transcend the material world and enter a realm of pure spirit… Wondrous choreographic metamorphosis.” - Jack Anderson, The New York Times


“B. Madonna at La MaMa continually transcends theatrical expectations and constructs a state of perpetual presence… not unlike the effect of viewing the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls… [Maureen Fleming] moves with the skill and the force of nature…”- Wesley Doucette, New York Theatre Review


“In the sensually stunning zone between dance and sculpture…astonishing geometry on stage.” - Steven Cherry, NY Theatre Now


“B. Madonna is a show without comparison…Philip Glass’ haunting score adds to the mystical atmosphere… An unparalleled experience and wonder to behold.”- John Peacock, Flavorpill