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Tunisian Collaborative Painting in America

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Tunisian Collaborative Painting in America
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A new concept for creating art, simple yet profound, mysterious but obvious, a concept that celebrates the oneness of all human beings and the wonder of the creative process.



“David Black is an honorary diplomat. By introducing this unique art form to the United States at a time when the Tunisian artists who pioneered it could not travel, he built a bridge that artists from both countries are now able to cross.”  

-- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton  


The innovative art form Tunisian Collaborative Painting was brought to the United States by artist and Fulbright scholar David Black, after the Tunisian artists who created it were not allowed to travel during the rule of President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali.


The method requires groups of artists to apply a set of rules that result in a cohesive painting with the appearance of a sole artistic presence. The painters work in silence for an allotted period, and there is no preconceived subject. “The concept behind Tunisian Collaborative Painting is simple, yet profound,” said Black. “It celebrates the oneness of all human beings and the wonder of the creative process.”


In 2008, the U.S. ambassador to Tunisia invited Black to meet with Tunisian artists who created and practiced the collaborative art method to reclaim freedom of expression. As Black painted with them, he experienced first-hand how art transcends boundaries of culture and language. The wish to share this artistic experience led him to introduce Tunisian Collaborative Painting around the world, to critical acclaim. The Tunisian artists have since come to the United States to participate in landmark workshops.


Planned Tunisian Collaborative Painting workshops for 2013:


      •          California State University, Los Angeles
  •          Yale University, New Haven
  •          The Royal Academy of Arts, London
  •          The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
  •          The Art Students League, New York
  •          Adelphi University, New York
  •          The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh


Black also plans to conduct workshops in Egypt, Dubai, Prague and Berlin.




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