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Nonstophome is a multi-genre production house with an emphasis on the places where jazz and avant-garde musics and literature are mutually enhancing. We produce and reproduce works and curate events that highlight this and similar aesthetic crossings, as well as carving out new spaces for archival practice to coalesce with art practice in the way that it does in sample-based music. We want to acknowledge and encourage the role of archival materials as new instruments.


Update: We are currently working to fund a poetics recroding label: Mythscience Records, which extends our archival practice beyond preserving recorded jazz and literature from the past, allowing us to record literary artists reading their work and/or improvising with musicians in a serious way, with an attention to sound quality and creative freedom that most reading of literature undervalues.

Current Projects: In the summer of 2013 we are inaugurating the first ever extensive archive of Jazz/ Poetry recordings this nation has seen, (featuring recordings by Langston Hughes dating back to 1924 as well as lps released as recently as spring of 2013). This archive will be housed by Columbia University's Music Library and lead to seminars and events that engage the materials in the archive on the University's campus and at local and national venues. In addition, we are currently working on an imprint of FenceBooks that will focus on writing by jazz musicians and writing that bends the genre toward music. Our first project in this series is an anthology of poems, texts, and recordings that exemplify the aesthetic of the imprint. This work will be included in the audio archive at Columbia.  In addition we are reissuing out-of-print recordings in this tradition starting with Amiri Baraka's "Black Spirits: New Black Poets in America" lp. We will host a reading/concert to celebrate the advent of the Archive and we expect that our projects will consistently evolve in this tenor-- comprising archival material as fodder for new related material as fodder for live improvised material.

Aesthetic Mission:
Nonstophome is an ongoing curatorial project concerned with the ways in which improvisation and mythos/mythmaking, coalesce in the creation of high quality works of art, as well as in our overall design of and interaction with, the human environment. We explore these themes by way of concerts, panels, installation, poetics, concrete music, dance, cooking (sessions) and film. We seek to unite all of these categories of praxis in their most visceral shared sensibility in order to foster creative work that is not distracted or even traced, by the boundaries of genre, by the biases or temporality, by the sensationalism of industry. We predict that in so doing, an antiquefuturism that neither negates the significance of ritual within the practice of art and design, nor engages in the paranoia/suspicion that the 'new' (technocratic detachment from ritual) can create in us, will reveal itself. And within the resulting contained ambivalence we hope to locate a living archive of some of the most beautiful and productive ideas and sounds and images and cravings and joys and sorrows and home-like-spaces.


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