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(8K) Public Art Project: The Public Utteraton Machines / Brooklyn/LIC Public Art Project

The Public Utteraton Machine is an interactive public art work that looks like a public telephone from the 19th century. Its aim is to find out what people think about public art in New York. It is at Jackson Avenue and 46th Ave. Queens form April 19 - May 2, 2015 and at Sonsire Triangle at Union and N 11th Street in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn. The aim is to install it in all boroughs. Link to Rockethub video: http://www.rockethub.com/projects/49556-fund-material-costs-for-street-art-machine-by-rebecca-hackemann


The Public Utteraton Machine is an interactive public art work to be anchored into a sidewalk in Brooklyn, NY and then Long Island City, NY, for two weeks each.  Its aim is to engage with the local community in which it is located in order to ask about people’s opinions on public art in New York. It looks like a 19th century working public telehone, but also features imprinted images of other public art.  Do locals want it, need it, appreciate it? Do they want it in their neighborhood? What is its role and purpose? The Utteraton will help study this topic. All responses that result from this project will be publiclaly availabel online for others to use. It is made of  alluminium steel alloy that has been custom fabricated.

Project website: utetraton.com

Rockethub Video: http://www.rockethub.com/projects/49556-fund-material-costs-for-street-art-machine-by-rebecca-hackemann