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Giant WTC Documentary

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Giant WTC Documentary
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A. THE DEAL As you know, seven years ago I started working on a film project about the re-building of LOWER MANHATTAN. After years of work, we are at a major turning point in the project. Since the beginning, we have been funding this project with our own time and resources. At this moment, we are looking for additional investing, specifically to fund the final writing stage.


B. To date we have completed these assets

20 shoot days consisting of 60 hours of 1080HD footage. +
Animation and motion graphics.
Creation of multiple story lines completed. such as:  - Fuel Oil Truck Driver, Queens School Teacher and Class of middle school students…… Character arcs.
Letter of engagement and contracts from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
Letter of endorsement from Joe Daniels President and CEO of the National September 11th Memorial and Museum.
Donation of Camera Rental Equipment from Panavision Camera Rental Facility, NYC.
Freelance crew members for each 20 days of shoot (donated time).
Over 4 years we produced and edited multiple trailers & short films of varying lengths.
WTC Giant Documentary, LLC is a member  of New York Film Arts Foundation Fiscal Sponsorship Program.
Giant Films NYC, LLC is a member of  MINY Media Center by IFP.
WTC Doc WEBSITE. (not live).


All funds raised for the WTC Giant Documentary Film, LLC will be used towards various aspects of Production & Post-Production. Our long and short-term plan starts with a new script writer to complete the final story arcs. Originally we have been doing this on our own to be efficient with our resources. Now we must hire a professional writer to complete our final stage of written development. The writer will also assist in starting a grant application process.


Three of use have been working on this project from the beginning.
We are working professionals and are creating this film on our own time.
dozens of great people have donated their time, resources and energy.
Approximately, twenty New Yorkers have sign on and agreed to be filmed.

It is an exciting time for this project and we are thrilled to enter the final phase, which will get us into our final production and post-production phase.

We are taking the steady and thoughtful journey. Our core team of three have a desire to create a film that will be worthy of its subject/s.

I would like to suggest a donation of $50 to $200 but please give whatever amount is comfortable for you. If I can get thirty people to donate $75.00 we can start working in earnest and get the project moving forward. No amount is too small or too large. Whether you give $2,000, $500 or $50. Every dollar will go towards creating a film that will be truthful and thoughtful.


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