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The Green Room Project

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The Green Room Project
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Providing access to nature via 360 degree audiovisual projections for those who can't get to nature. Climate controlled, no bug bites.


This project's mission is to bring visual and audio representations of nature to those who are unable to visit the great outdoors. We use films of nature – nature that is remote from human beings and with, therefor, a minimum of interruptions (from airplanes, cars, voices) – in order to help reconnect people with these natural settings. These populations live in cities, are confined to hospitals or nursing homes, are children in inner-city schools, or prison populations.  In the ideal setting, a room will be created for projecting these films, using a 360 degree screen. In most cases, however, a DVD will be used in combination with a computer and a large screen in order to reach the widest audience. The audio will be played over noise-canceling headphones. These rooms will serve as quite places to relax, calm down and reconnect with nature.

All Donations Are Tax Deductible! 

Your Donations Will Be Used To Pay For The Following:

Phase I - Recording and Filming
Equipment: Special 360 Degree Lens; Tripods; Batteries; Memory Cards; Microphones; Audio Recorders.

Lodging and Camping: Bear Proof Bag; Water Proof Bags For Equipment; Campsite Fees; Parking Fees.

Transportation: Food; Gas; Car Rental; Airplane Tickets; Train Tickets.

Personnel: Audio Engineer; Videographer; Guide (when necessary).

Phase II - Mixing and Mastering
Studio: Rental Fees.


Production: DVD's; Cases; Liner Notes; Printing.

Phase III - Installation and Distribution

Personnel: Interior Designer - Room Design For 360 Degree Installation in Gallery and Museum (TBD); Set Designers - Screen Creation and Installation.

Equipment: Ceiling Mounted Projectors; Headphones (cordless noise cancelling); Stereo System (EOS Wireless).

Promotion: Promotion Packets; Publicity (Publicist).



As A Thank You For Your Generous Donations, A Token Of Our Appreciation.  We Couldn't Have Done This Without You!

$10 -
Mp3 Of A Soundscape Collected By Martin Wallace (Select From a Myriad Of Natural And Man Made Soundscapes).

$35 - 2 Mp3's Of Soundscapes Collected by Martin Wallace.

$50 -
2 Mp3's Of Soundscapes Collected by Martin Wallace Plus a Green Room Project DVD.

$100 - 2 Mp3's Of Soundscapes Collected by Martin Wallace, a Green Room Project DVD and a Thank You in the Credits.

$500 - 2 Mp3's Of Soundscapes Collected by Martin Wallace, a Green Room Project DVD and an Assistant Producer Credit.

$1,000 - 2 Mp3's Of Soundscapes Collected by Martin Wallace, a Green Room Project DVD, Assistant Producer Credit and 4 Free Tickets to Museum Opening.

$5,000 - All of the above, plus choose a location In the contiguous U.S. you want filmed and we'll film it for you.

$10,000 - Donate this much and we'll go (almost) anywhere in the world and film it for you!

Our ultimate goal is to get more and more people reconnected to nature and get everyone thinking about what we can do to start living in greater harmony with nature, creating a more sustainable way of living on our planet for all of us.  Thank you so much for contributing your time and energy to this project.  We look forward to sharing it with you!

Thank you,

Martin Wallace
Project Director/Audio Engineer Green Room Project

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