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Brown Diamond, Inc.

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Brown Diamond, Inc.
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Bridging generations through art, culture, and history. Creating opportunities where we remember not to forget.


Brown Diamond was founded in 2010 out of the passion of our founder Constance L. Diggs. Following her life calling to help connect contemporary generations through advocacy and preservation of art and culture, Constance believes in the transformative power of history.

“For anyone, black, white, or Hispanic, under the age of 25 the history of Black America has been compartmentalized into three eras: Slavery, Jim Crow, and the Civil Rights Movement and if you’re lucky the Harlem Renaissance,” Constance describes. “While all of these periods are important, it’s just a fraction of the story.”

Our mission is to preserve culture and history from the African AND American Diasporas for current and future generations through documentary and feature films; electronic and print literature; temporary and traveling exhibitions; theatrical performances, curriculum and lecture series.

Our vision is to join the dialogue of this very important work and create opportunities where we remember not to forget.

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