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Project “Face the Race” will utilize mask making as an avenue that will challenge the participants to create a mask that will represent their own stories, sentiments, fears, thematic connections, self and cultural expressions.


Multicultural interaction is significant to the success of cultural integration and community capacity building. Nowadays, society is consistently showing continued growth and culture change such that it has become mandatory to embrace each culture’s ideas in order to have same value as something else and vie on an equal field. Consequently, cultural integration has become a must. The intention of cultural integration is, of course, to promote cultural learning and understanding that culture is a multi-layered experience and reinforcing that knowledge can sustain each one’s acumen and GACCE’s vision of “no one should be left behind”. As an experience, cultural integration has become a need that will foster an all-inclusive aspect of the individual’s personal, emotional and cognitive spheres.

In response to this apparent need, GACCE has initiated a proprietary project called “Face the Race” with objectives of exploring connections between cultures and societies; demonstrating personal expression and original concepts of varied cultures and recognizing the existence of similarities and differences that ultimately can lead to cultural integration. 

 The outcome of this project will convey a message that is expected to show and tell its meanings in an art exhibition as the participants become aware of the social purpose and significance of each culture in cultural integration.

 As an assessment, the finished products, its stories and its creators will be documented and will be shared to the community as a living legacy of multicultural experience.

 This project is a community capacity building on a continuing basis and will involve different communities and participants in multiple venues: community and senior centers, schools, re-entry centers, family centers, among others. To fulfill this worthwhile project, it will need to raise funding of $30,000.quarterly.