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INFINITY, suspended in the air installation based on Mobius strip - sound and holography, 18x6x8 feet, acrylic glass, two-way mirrors.


INFINITY is based on the Möbius strip, a surface with only one side and only one boundary component. In this work I combine two Mobius strips together with common edge. The result is one "double" rich and fascinating 3D form, representing the idea of continuance and endlessness of life... INFINITY is 3D, suspended in the air installation, acrylic glass, aluminum structure, sound and holography, 18x6x8 feet. Proposed location: Daley Center, Chicago. With this work I continue my series "Double Mobius Strip" in a very new direction: increasing the size to 18 feet long and adding weightlessness to the work by elevating it in the air and using acrylic mirrors to build it. Suspended from the ceiling on steel strings, it reflects the surrounding environment, including the viewers in a variety of angels. With its mirror walls and sparkly look it works as a kaleidoscope, representing the idea of continuance, richness and endlessness of life... The Daley Civic Center in Chicago is very busy with high foot traffic. Not interfering in peoples everyday activities, the work will create new reality instead of offering its conventional model. This aspect will make the work exists as a signal that gives the onlooker a chance to go deep into his/her life experience and mind. This is a universal signal to which the individual responds in a unique manner and creates his/her own reality.

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